Operable Pergola

Opening Roof Pergola

An operable pergola is a versatile outdoor structure designed to provide adjustable shading and protection from the elements. Unlike traditional pergolas with fixed roofs or canopies, an operable pergola features adjustable louvres or roof panels that can be opened and closed at will. This flexibility allows homeowners to control the amount of sunlight, shade, and ventilation in their outdoor space, making it a popular choice for those seeking a customizable and comfortable outdoor living area.

The Pergola is one of the most happening places in many homes.

So do you want to extend your opening pergola experience with countless possibilities? It’s all about unlimited fun where you enjoy the outdoor living to the fullest.

Lumex offers opening roofs for pergolas to make it useful year-round – including the rainy season. So Do you want to enjoy the rain with a cup of coffee sitting in your backyard? With our range of pergola opening roofs, you get all the fun of outdoor living. Choose Opening Roof Pergola For Unlimited Outdoor Fun.

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Operable Pergola Features

Key features of an operable pergola include:

Adjustable Louvres: The louvres, or roof panels, of an operable pergola can be tilted to various angles, providing shade or allowing sunlight to filter through as desired. This feature is particularly useful for adapting to changing weather conditions throughout the day.

Motorised Operation: Many operable pergolas come equipped with a motorised system that allows for easy and convenient adjustment of the louvres. This can be controlled with a remote, smartphone app, or even integrated into smart home automation systems.

Rain Protection: When the louvres are closed, operable pergolas can effectively protect the outdoor area from rain, creating a dry and sheltered space for relaxation or entertaining.

Ventilation: By partially opening the louvres, operable pergolas enable natural airflow while still providing shade. This is ideal for staying comfortable on warm days.

Durability: Operable pergolas are typically constructed from weather-resistant materials such as aluminum, ensuring long-lasting performance and minimal maintenance.

Customisation: Homeowners can choose from various design options, including pergola size, color, and style, to complement their outdoor space and home’s architecture.

Operable pergolas are a popular addition to patios, decks, gardens, and outdoor dining areas, offering a balance of sun and shade to enhance outdoor living. They provide a versatile solution for creating a comfortable and adaptable outdoor environment for various activities and weather conditions.

Pergola Roof Designs To Amplify Your Experience

Our adjustable louvred pergola roofs mean versatility and functionality to your outdoor structure. You can use the place as a permanent, outdoor living room with furniture, electronic devices, and more.
Your opening roof pergola can also take the shape of an outdoor bedroom with a louvred roof to help you to enjoy the night sky. If our lush garden surrounds the pergola opening roof, you can also get the feel of countryside living. Do you have any other creative thoughts for outdoor living?

Operable & Adjustable – Ultimate Comfort

With our operable pergola roofs, you can adjust sunlight, ventilation, and shade based on your requirements and ensure ultimate comfort. In addition, the trapezoid blades of the roof can rotate up to 130 degrees, which allows you to ensure optimal temperature, lighting, and airflow in your opening pergola roof designs.
You can operate the opening pergola roof with just one click using the remote control or the mobile app. In addition, the mobile app allows you to schedule the operations of the roof according to seasons, time of the day, and more.

High-Quality Operable Pergola Roofs Manufacturing

At Lumex, we have set high-quality manufacturing standards to offer durable, stylish opening roof designs solutions to Australia’s residential and commercial customers. We source excellent quality aluminium to manufacture the roofing solutions. The trapezoid blade design makes the roof watertight with proper drainage of water.
The powder-coated extruded construction also ensures no corrosion and excellent durability. With a range of stunningly stylish, customizable pergola roof designs, you can add value to your property in Sydney. We also offer services in Melbourne, Brisbane & Canberra.

Integrated Down Lighting

We have also included integrated downlighting to our pergola roofing solutions. It allows you to create a unique ambience to arrange parties and small events on your pergola opening roof. The unique lighting options also help you to enhance the value of your property.

Open-air operable louvres are commonly used in outdoor living spaces, such as patios, terraces, decks, and pool areas. They provide a seamless connection between indoor and outdoor living while offering control over environmental elements. Whether for residential or commercial applications, these systems enhance the overall outdoor experience by making it more comfortable, enjoyable, and adaptable to changing weather conditions.

Add Style To Your Home With Opening Roof Pergola

An opening roof pergola in your home adds to its aesthetic appeal. It’s a great idea to have an adjustable louvre at your pergola to enjoy the outdoor area of your home in comfort and style. If you have an old pergola that you want to upgrade, you can consider installing an opening roof. Moreover, if your outdoor living area has furniture or other things, our roofing systems can be the perfect solution for protecting them from bad weather.

When you come to us to discuss your requirements, we provide you with the best pergola roofing options available in australia. To meet your specific needs, we also offer customisations that impress you. Our pergola design on roof are unique, Our quality is premium, and our service is the best, and these are just a few reasons why you must trust us to give you an Operable Louvre Pergola. Clients who have dealt with us before have referred us to many of their acquaintances, and this is proof of our quality work. So trust us with your operable pergola requirements!

Adjustable Louvred Pergola

An adjustable louvred pergola is a versatile outdoor structure designed to provide you with control over your outdoor space. Lumex Opening Roof offers a customisable Adjustable Louvred Pergola system, allowing you to adjust the angle of the louvres to control sunlight, shade, and airflow.

With this innovative solution, you can create a comfortable and adaptable outdoor environment for various occasions.

Whether you want to enjoy the sunshine, stay shaded, or protect yourself from light rain, our adjustable louvred pergola provides the flexibility you need for your outdoor living space. Experience the convenience and style of an adjustable louvred pergola with Lumex Opening Roof.

Operable Louvred Pergola – Call Us Today!

Talk to our Operable Louvre Pergola consultants today at (02) 9624 0705 to let us know your requirements. Alternatively, use our enquiry form to let us know your questions and thoughts on our opening roof design solutions.
Our consultants will visit, explain the features and custom modern pergola options available with our louvred opening roofs, and provide a free quote for your roofing requirements. We look forward to hearing from you.

Opening and Closing Louvre Roof Features and Benefits

Opening and closing the louvre roof can have a dramatic effect on the interior environment of your property. It is because Louvre roofs provide an efficient way to manage heat and light whilst also providing ventilation. Therefore, it makes them perfect for use in both domestic and commercial properties.

Depending on your requirements, you can open or close the louvre roof manually or automatically. You can use sensors, remote control, or a mobile app to adjust their opening or closing depending on the weather conditions outside. It ensures that you always have the optimum level of comfort in your property without worrying about changing it yourself.

The louvre roof is an Australian-designed and manufactured roofing system that revolutionises how look at roofing. An opening and closing louvre roof can add real luxury to your property.

Not only does it make the property more aesthetically pleasing, but it can also provide a range of practical benefits. Here are just some of the reasons why you might want to consider investing in an opening and closing louvre roof:


  • A stylish, modern appearance – The louvre roof is made of aluminium and looks like a skillion roof, but with added ventilation.
  • Increased property value – The stylish appearance of the Louvre Roof can add value to your property.
  • Improved energy efficiency – The louvres on the roof allow natural ventilation into the home, which reduces the need for air conditioning in summer. It also improves energy efficiency as it reduces your power bills.
  • Increased comfort – The natural ventilation lets in natural light and fresh air, which can brighten up a room and create a more refreshing environment. In addition, it allows you to regulate the temperature of your room by allowing heat to escape in summer and keep the heat in during winter.
  • Increased natural light – An opening and closing louvre roof will allow you to control the amount of natural light that comes into your property. It can be helpful during the summer months when you want to keep your home cool but don’tdon’t want it to be too sunny.
  • Increased privacy and security – As the roof can be closed to prevent people from seeing or entering your property, it enhances security and privacy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Our Operable Louvred Roof is designed for flexibility, making it perfect for creating comfortable outdoor spaces.

What is the best roof for a pergola?

There can only be a few answers to this question, as the best roof for a pergola may vary depending on your climate and the materials you have available. However, some of the most popular roofing materials for pergolas include wood, metal, and vinyl.

Wood is a popular choice for pergolas because it is natural and versatile. Metal is a common choice for roofs in cold climates, as it is durable and resistant to snow and ice. Vinyl is often chosen for its low maintenance requirements.

Ultimately, the best roof for your pergola will depend on your individual needs and preferences. Consult our opening roof expert to determine which option would be best for your property.

Can you put a permanent roof on a pergola?

A pergola is an open structure that allows you to enjoy the outdoors. Putting a roof on it will make it feel more like a closed-in room and less like an outdoor space. But it is possible to put a permanent roof on a pergola. However, it depends on the design of the pergola. Some pergolas have open roofs that can be covered with a roof or tarp, while others have solid roofs that cannot be removed.

If you want to put a permanent roof on a pergola, you will need to consult a professional opening roof expert – Lumex, to see if it is possible. Our expert will be able to tell you if the existing structure can support a new roof, and they will also recommend the best type of roof for your needs.

How does a louvred roof work?

A louvred roof is a type of roof system that allows you to open and close the panels for natural ventilation. It is an excellent option for climates where it is hot in the summer and cold in the winter, as it allows you to control the temperature inside your home.

The louvred roof consists of a series of panels attached to a track. The panels can be opened and closed to allow air to flow through the space between panels and into your home. It helps to cool your home in the summer and warm it in the winter while also providing natural ventilation.

Is a louvred pergola worth it?

A louvred pergola can be a great addition to your property. It can provide some much-needed shade on hot days, and it can also help to improve the airflow in your yard.

Louvred pergolas have adjustable louvres that allow you to control the amount of sunlight and air exposure your plants receive. It can be helpful in climates with hot summers or harsh winters since you can adjust the louvres to create the right conditions for your plants. Additionally, a pergola can add some much-needed structure to your backyard and provide a place to enjoy and relax.

What is a louvred pergola?

A louvred pergola has adjustable slats or panels that can be opened and closed to allow light and air into the space below. Louvred pergolas are popular in hot climates, where they can be used to provide shade and cooling relief. They are also popular in winter when the slats can be opened to let in the warm sun. In addition, they help to create a more comfortable indoor or outdoor living space.

Does the louvred pergola keep the rain out?

Yes, a louvred pergola will keep the rain out. The slats on the louvred pergola can be angled to allow rain to run off, or they can be closed completely to keep the rain out.

A louvred pergola is an excellent option for creating shade and protection from the elements. Not only does it keep the rain out, but it also blocks the sun’ssun’s rays, keeping you more relaxed in the summer months. Plus, it adds a touch of style and elegance to your outdoor space.

Is a louvre roof a pergola?

A pergola is typically a structure with columns on each side and an open roof made from horizontal slats. On the other hand, a louvre roof is a type of roof where individual panels can be opened and closed to control ventilation and light. So, technically no, a louvre roof is not a pergola, but the two structures share some standard features.

How much does it cost for a louvred roof system in Australia?

The cost of a louvred roof system varies depending on the size and type of roof you install. Louvred roofs are becoming increasingly popular in Australia due to their versatile design and ability to provide shade and privacy while allowing natural light into the home. If you’reyou’re interested in installing a louvred roof system, be sure to consult with our professional to get an accurate estimate for your specific needs.

how to build a louvered pergola roof -

Building a louvered pergola roof involves several steps, including:

  • Design and plan the pergola
  • Gather materials
  • Build the frame
  • Install the louver system
  • Add finishing touches

It is important to mention that this is a general guide, and depending on the complexity of the design and the materials used, some additional steps might be required. Also, if you are not comfortable with the construction process, it would be advisable to hire a professional carpenter or contractor.

what is pergola roof

A pergola roof is a type of outdoor architectural feature that consists of a framework of vertical posts or columns that support cross-beams and a lattice of overhead rafters. The open design of a pergola allows for sunlight and air to pass through, making it a popular addition to patios, decks, and other outdoor living spaces. Some pergola roofs are covered with climbing plants or other foliage to provide additional shade and aesthetic appeal

how to put a roof on a pergola

There are several ways to add a roof to a pergola:

  • Install clear or translucent panels
  • Attach a fabric canopy
  • Build a solid roof
  • Use a combination of methods

It’s important to note that before starting any roofing project, is important to check if your area has any building codes or permits required for the construction of a roof structure, and also to make sure that your pergola frame is strong enough to support the additional weight of a roof.

how to build a wooden pergola with roof

Building a wooden pergola with a roof involves several steps:

  • Plan the design
  • Prepare the site
  • Install the posts
  • Install the beams
  • Install the rafters
  • Install the roofing
  • Finish the pergola

It’s important to keep in mind that the above steps are a general outline of the process and might vary depending on the size and design of your pergola. It’s also important to use proper tools and safety gear, and have a good understanding of carpentry skills before attempting to build a wooden pergola.

It’s also important to get the proper permits and follow the building codes of your area. It might be a good idea to hire a professional contractor if you don’t feel comfortable with this kind of project.

does a pergola need a building permit in australia

Whether a pergola requires a building permit in Australia depends on the specific location, as building regulations can vary from state to state and even from council to council.

It’s important to check with the local council in your area to find out what the specific regulations and requirements are for building a pergola. They can give you the best information about what permits and approvals are needed for your specific project.

It’s also important to keep in mind that even if a building permit is not required, the pergola must still comply with the relevant building codes and standards. It’s always a good idea to consult with a professional to ensure that your pergola is safe and compliant with the regulations.

what is the point of a pergola without roof

A pergola without a roof, also known as an open pergola.In summary, an open pergola is a versatile and functional outdoor structure that can provide shade, aesthetic appeal, and a sense of separation while still allowing sunlight and air to pass through.

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