Lumex Opening Roofs FAQ

What are the reasons to choose a louvred roof system?

Louvred roof systems are specially designed to meet the modern lifestyle requirements and ensure the optimal use of space. The reasons why you should choose a louvred roof system for your property are the following

These roofing systems can open to 130 degrees, allowing you to quickly convert your outdoor space into fully secured rooms and vice versa.

Year-round use of your space regardless of weather

Maximum use of natural light and air for a healthy lifestyle

Ideal for patio, porch, pergola, and other multi-purpose spaces at your property

Savings on energy costs

With a wide range of modern designs and high-quality manufacturing, louvred roof systems can improve the appeal of your property and increase its resale value.

Do louvre roofs require a building permit?

The rules and building permit requirements are based on the state and local guidelines. In many cases, if you just want to replace the roof of your existing structure like patio or pergola, you may not require approval. On the other hand, if you are planning to construct a deck, patio, or pergola, you may want to get an approval based on your state and local guidelines

Still, there are exceptions allowed. For instance, NSW state guidelines allow building patios, decks, balconies, and pergolas without a building permit if the area of those structures is up to 25m², and a number of conditions are met. Our Lumex Opening Roof distributors will help you secure building approval requirements as well as complete the installation of your roof system.

Contact us to connect with your local roof distributors today to find out the building permit requirements in your area.

Why should I choose a louvred roof pergola?

In many homes, afternoons and evenings are set around the pergola. Parties, dinner, small family reunions, and more – the pergola is the centre stage for most family-centred celebrations. When you choose a louvred roof for your pergola, the utility of your outdoor space becomes endless

You can use the space to have a coffee with your family while enjoying the rain. During summer and spring, you can get unrestricted sunlight and a full outdoor experience by choosing a louvred roof. The roof system also allows you to convert your pergola to an interior storage area when you require extra storage space.

In every aspect, our louvred roofs add more flexibility to your pergola.

How much does it cost for a louvred roof system?

We offer Lumex Opening Roofs with louvred roofs of different styles and designs. You can get them in flat, skillion, box frame, tapered, and insert designs based on your property architecture and personal preferences.

They are also available in six different colours. We also manufacture and supply custom designed louvred roofs to meet the specific needs of customers, architects, and builders. Therefore, helping us with specifics of your louvred roof system requirements will allow us to provide you with accurate pricing.

While we have high-quality construction standards and provide a complete installation service, we take every step to offer our roofing solutions at affordable prices. Reach out to our roofing distributors today with your specific requirements and get an obligation-free quote to discuss the costs of the roof system.

Are louvred roofs waterproof?

Lumex Opening Roofs are specially-designed louvred roofs that are water resistant while ensuring excellent water drainage.

These roofs also feature wide gutter systems to minimise the issues of overflow even when there is a heavy downpour. There may however be instances in high winds, or heavy rain, where you may get mist or spray from the gutters.

We recommend only using outdoor approved products under your Lumex Roof.

Does the louvre roof close if it rains?

You have the option to automatically close the roof if there is rain and you’re not at home. All our louvre roof systems feature the option for advanced rain sensors to close the roof when it rains. You can also manually control the operations of the roof using a remote control.

Additionally, we offer a mobile app to all our customers to control the operations of their roof from their phone. It allows you to set an opening and closing schedule per day, weekly, or monthly according to your routine.

Get a Consultation

We can arrange for one of our louvre roof Melbourne consultants to visit you and provide the features and benefits of applying Lumex products in your home.

They’ll prepare an initial design and quote for your consideration and you’ll be one step closer to having the best outdoor living area you have always dreamed of.