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Woonona Project 

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HiRes 20117 2 12 Adams Parade Woonona 101 022 (1) Adams Parade Woonona 100 099

In the coastal suburb of Woonona, nestled beside the stunning coastline our client embarked on a journey to create their dream outdoor living space. With a vision of seamlessly blending shelter with the beauty of the outdoors, they turned to Lumex roofing to bring their dream to life. Creating the Perfect Space. 

As the client’s new build took shape, the focus shifted to designing an outdoor alfresco area that can serve as the heart of family gatherings and relaxing evenings.  

Design Brief

With its innovative opening roof system the Lumex opening roof offered an ideal blend of functionality and aestheticsThe Lumex opening roof became the centrepiece of the design, providing the flexibility to transform the space from an undercover area to a sunlit retreat with just a touch of the buttonThis versatility ensured that the outdoor area could be enjoyed in all weather conditions, catering to the changing needs of the family. addition to the Lumex roofing, the project incorporated a stunning pool, creating a picturesque backdrop for outdoor gatherings. The integration of the pool with the viewing platform provided by the Lumex roof elevated the experience, allowing adults to supervise while children splashed and played in the refreshing waters below. 

Key Features

One of the primary objectives of the project was to provide protection from the elements without compromising on the sense of openness and connection to nature. The Lumex roofing solution achieved this seamlessly, offering shelter from rain or harsh sun while maintaining ample natural light and ventilation. 

Client feedback

The Lumex roofing project in Woonona stands as a testament to the transformative power of innovative design and meticulous craftsmanship. By seamlessly blending indoor comfort with outdoor beauty, the project has created a space where cherished memories are made and family bonds are strengthened. As the sun sets over Woonona, the Lumex roof stands as a beacon of possibility, inviting families to embrace the joys of outdoor living like never before. 

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